Monday, November 22, 2010

Lost City, Gunks, NY

When deciding between spending the weekend at the New (13 hours of driving total by myself) and a Sunday at the Gunks (7 hours of driving with Jay and Drew), it really was a 50/50 in my mind simply because I’m in the sport climbing mood.  However, since I’m going to Red River Gorge over Thanksgiving, the Gunks won the overall vote.  I’ve never been anywhere there except the Carriage Road, so Lost City area was a new one for me with some pleasant and unexpected surprises.  With temperatures in the upper 30s/very low 40s, the dry conditions were ideal for sending, and I ended up with one of my best days bouldering outside yet:

Gutshut V10/11 – flash
Dose of Novocaine V10 – 3rd try
Ideas are Bulletproof V10 – flash
Harmonic Tremors V9 – flash
Alcoholocaust (left exit variation) V9 – flash
The Path V9 – flash
Air Jordan V8 – 2nd go

Drew Davis did Air Jordan the same day with the quickness, but later destroyed himself on the Path, practically finishing the problem at least 10 times, leaving little for Ideas and Harmonic…  Jason Temple wanted to do the Path, but occupied his mind with his upcoming trip to Chattanooga, and was unable to zone in on the present day…  Unfortunately, there are no pics or videos, but I’m kind of glad since Ideas are Bulletproof needed some serious spotting!

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